Before the Stroke


Act I: The Plot


Act II:  

The "X" Secured


Act III:

  The Kidnapping


Act IV, Sc.1:

      The Isolation


Act IV, Sc.2:

   The Plundering


Act V, Sc.1:

      The Dumping


Act V, Sc.2:

      The Rescue



    The Indictments


Appendix I:

  The Perpetrators


Appendix II:

    The Friendship



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NOTE:  This is NOT a play script.  This is a factual narrative divided into “Acts” solely for clarity of the sequence of events. 1994.




  Amelia Lewis de Gremli . . . The Victim-Heroine. 

                                         Single, age 73. Shakespearean scholar & Ph.D. candidate, suffered a stroke in 1985.   Partially paralyzed, expressive aphasic, her mind is lucid, can comprehend, but cannot communicate (making her prison all the more tragic).


  Charles &  Carole Dutton  . . The Villains. 

                                         Indicted for kidnapping, embezzling funds, and withholding medical treatment of Amelia Lewis de Gremli. Acquitted in criminal trial without jury.  Later both found guilty in civil trial ("The fraud committed here was aggravated by reason of its duration, evil purpose, and the extreme vulnerability of the victim, Ami.”)

The Duttons are the son and daughter-in-law of Dorothy Dutton, below.  Resided in Bend, OR. for 7 years in home purchased with Amelia's funds.  Ages: 51 & 49. Three children ages 23, 26, & 28.


Dorothy Dutton and

          Fontella Kirk . . . . . Close trusted friends of Amelia.

Sisters, ages 79 and 87.  They live together in Carson City, NV.  Have known Amelia 25 plus years.  Mother & aunt to The Villain Charles Dutton.


Helene Elder . . . . . . . . .  Amelia's former neighbor & trusted friend in Carson City,

                                      NV.  Witness to abuse and abduction. She related abuse to three

                                      others. Died Sping,1989.


Karren Ruesing . . . . . . .  Case Manager, Senior & Disabled Service Division, for                         Amelia.

Beautiful thirtyish-something, warm and energetic, extremely competent and caring.  She often "adopts" her clients as her extended family.  Married, one son.


Joseph M. Quinn  . . . . . .  A friend to Amelia.  

                                       He resides in Independence, OR.  His advocacy resulted in                                        indictments against Charles and Carole Dutton.  He met Amelia                                        in Mexico City in 1956, while he was a  student at Mexico City                                        College (now the Universidad de las Americas, Puebla).











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