Before the Stroke


Act I: The Plot


Act II:  

The "X" Secured


Act III:

  The Kidnapping


Act IV, Sc.1:

      The Isolation


Act IV, Sc.2:

   The Plundering


Act V, Sc.1:

      The Dumping


Act V, Sc.2:

          The Rescue



    The Indictments


Appendix I:

  The Perpetrators


Appendix II:

    The Friendship



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                                 Prologue:  Before the Stroke

                                                                                                          The service and loyalty I owe,

                                                                                                     In doing it, pays itself.  (Macbeth, I,vi,25)



Photo of AmeliaFor over a decade, Amelia Lewis de Gremli resided alone in Carson City, Nevada.  She was a part time teacher at the local college, founder and director of a youth theatre (under auspices of the City's Parks Dept.), and coordinator for the Carson City Players. She received her M.A. in Theatre, summa cum laude, 1972, San Diego State University, and was a recent recipient of a Graduate Research Fellowship to Oxford University and the University of London to study Shakespeare & his contemporary, William D'Avenant.  Her research produced several writings and an original script  “Who Will Believe My Verse?,” a historical play based on a literary mystery in the Sonnets of Shakespeare.  A Phi Beta Kappa candidate for a Ph.D. in Elizabethan Theatre, her dissertation was on Aphra Behn, the first English woman playwright and a "scandalous" English feminist.  Amelia had translated much of Behn's work from the Old English into the modern vernacular.  At the time of her stroke, she was working on the final chapters of "a definite work of Astrea: Biography of Aphra Behn."


      Early in her career, amongst her numerous accomplishments, she was Resident Director for the then prestigious Philadelphia Neighborhood Playhouse, and Technical Director for the Carnegie Institute of Technology.  In Occupied Japan she was cited by the U.S. State Dept. for her work in theatre with the USA Special Services.  In Japan, she was also honored with an audience with the Japanese Princess.  Amelia holds two Commendations and a Citation from the U.S. Army, Far East Command.  She was founder and director of several community theatres, including the highly acclaimed Lake City Playhouse, Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.  Childless, much of her theater endeavors have involved working with youth groups.


    When the stroke struck (1985), she was financially independent: Bank deposits and savings of $54,325.oo, her car and $55,000.oo home paid for, and a monthly income (exclusive of investments and current employment) of ca. $1,000.00 (Social Security and a V.A. pension from the WW II death of her first husband).


     In Carson City, in a letter she wrote: “. . . signed contract with Proscenium Players as coordinator; also expect to teach at Western Nev. Jr. College the 2nd semester.  Acting in Auntie Mame in role of Norah, the Irish maid-governess.  Tired, busy, happy.  Love   . . . Ami


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